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FAQs About Unmanaged Switch

1. Can I Run VLANs on an Unmanaged Switch?

Actually, unmanaged switches have no concept of virtual LANs (VLANs). Thus, all devices belong to the same broadcast domain. If all of the things plugged into an unmanaged switch are on the same VLAN then you can do that. However, if you have a mix of VLANs on a switch, it needs to be managed.

2. Is an Unmanaged Switch Safe?

Unmanaged switches have basic security features such as a lockable port cover that ensures basic security and helps avoid any type of direct tampering on the device. That can satisfy your home or SMB network security requirements. But of course, a managed switch is safer because of its manageable features, that’s why managed switches are more expensive.

3.Does an Unmanaged Switch Have a MAC Address?

An unmanaged switch typically doesn’t have any MAC addresses since it’s just a simple device that builds a MAC address table and forwards frames.

4.Can You Use Link Aggregation on an Unmanaged Switch?

No, unmanaged switches do not support link aggregation. They don’t have the ability to configure the ports to be part of an aggregated link. Only managed switches support link aggregation.

5. What Layer Is an Unmanaged Switch?

Unmanaged Switch is the L2 switch. L2 switches can be divided into managed and unmanaged. L2 is a data link layer that works with frames. The switches of this layer identify and transmit data through MAC addresses.



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