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Benefits of Using GPON SFP

Using GPON SFP is considered a more convenient and cost-effective solution for the end customers. And it also reduces the devices that need to be provided by the Internet service provider (ISP). Before the GPON ONT SFP was released and used in GPON networks, the ISP usually needs to install at least an optical modem (a type of ONT with a fiber optic port) and an IP access router, and a Set-Top-Box or video recorder might also be needed if IPTV services are required. The separation of different devices inevitably increased the cost for GPON services.

Optical modem with a fiber optic port.

The newly used GPON SFP is in smaller size and integrates the triple-play services. It has lower consumption as well. The ISP provides a GPON ONT SFP to the customer. This module is usually installed in the hub/router handed to the customer by the ISP. The customer is also able to unplug the fiber optic patch cable and the GPON ONT SFP from the ISP’s hub/router, and then plug them in his own router/switch that is white-listed by the ISP.



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