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Advice on Selecting Enterprise Switch Suppliers

The practical network building is always more complex than what is imagined. It goes something like this: when you have listed all of your requirements for your ideal switches, there may be tens of vendors providing switches that have similar specifications. Here offer some tips for you while choosing different switch suppliers.

Some switch suppliers provide a variety of switch options from fixed switches to modular switches or from gigabit switches to switches with multigigabit ports. When you have the ideal switch ports and speed in your mind, choose a vendor with a wide range of switch types and models, which is convenient for purchasing the suitable enterprise switches at a time and can avoid problems like switch compatibility and inter-operation.

Understand the support offerings and costs of the hardware, as well as software that the switch vendors can supply, will save the hassle of handle unnecessary problems. Warranty is a key factor when choosing the switch brand. Online and phone technical assistance and troubleshooting support are also important considerations. Hanxin provides a warranty of 3 years on most of the Hanxin switches.

If you have read the criteria above but still not sure about the feasibility of your scheme, you may seek help from network technicians. Most switch suppliers provide technical support and recommend their products according to your specific needs. However, it is also necessary to distinguish what caters to your requirements best based on the factors mentioned above.



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