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10G SFP+ Cable: Definition and Types

SFP+ cable is a form of high-speed cable with SFP+ connector modules on either end. It uses the connector to transmit and receive 10Gbps data through one paired transmitters and receivers over a thin twinax cable or a fiber optic cable. They are suitable for in-rack connections between servers and switches, saving significant costs and power in short-reach applications. 10G SFP+ cables can be classified into 10G SFP+ DAC and 10G SFP+ AOC.

10G SFP+ DAC Cable

10G DAC, classified into passive DAC and active DAC, is made from twinax copper and is factory terminated with modules that provide an electrical connection directly into active equipment. The former can deliver without signal conditioning, while the latter has electric components inside the transceivers to boost signals. 10G SFP+ DAC cable is ideal for shorter top-of-rack or rack-to-rack runs with cost-conscious budgets.

10G SFP+ AOC Cable

10G AOC is an amalgamation of optical components and electronics or active electrical components, requiring external power to complete the conversion of signals. It uses a fiber cable and silicon chip and provides an electrical-to-optical connection to boost the signal and performance of the cable. 10G SFP+ AOC cable is generally used for end-of-row or middle-of-row data center architectures for interconnecting distances of up to 15m.

10G SFP+ Cables



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